InControl 2.3.5 Release Notes

With version 2.3.5, you now have the ability to schedule AP and SSID Balance, MAX and AP One. Captive Portal management has also been enhanced with the addition of “Captive Portal Administrator” role specifically to administer captive portal settings. And as requested, Bulk Configurator can now be used to configure multiple products.

Version 2.3.5 is now being rolled out gradually to all users and is expected to complete by mid-January, 2017.

What’s new

  • Added AP and SSID availability schedule for both Balance, MAX and AP One.

  • On the “SSID” and “Radio Settings” pages, added ability to set maximum number of clients, and minimum client signal strength.

  • Captive portal enhancements

    * Added a new user role “Captive Portal Administrator” for administering captive portal settings only.
    * Added sign-in with Instagram.
    * Captive portal: The daily quota settings were configured in “Social”, “E-mail” and “SMS” access modes individually.  Now they are a single setting which is shared among the modes.  For existing captive portal profiles, the first access mode’s settings are applied.
    * Captive portal: time-based quota can now be reset only a certain amount of times per day.
  • Enhancements on the Device Details page:

    • Added Wi-Fi AP on/off switch
    • Included hardware revision
    • Included MTN in cellular WAN details.
    • Added support to display fan speed and temperature for certain Balance models (requires firmware 7).
  • Added “uptime” field to device list.

  • Bulk configurator can now be used to configure multiple products. For more details, see group level Settings menu.

  • Added AirProbe Performance Test Reports.

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The new incontrol2 schedule feature seems to be turned on by default and it overrides the schedules already on the devices…
I discovered this the hard way when my devices started to misbehave - the carefully crafted schedules had been deleted from the devices by incontrol2.
Furthermore, it is not obvious how new schedules added to incontrol2 are pushed to the devices. At least I had no luck with simply defining a device schedule in incontrol2 - it did not become available on the device.

So - please do not make new features that automatically and without warning override device setups. And please document in more detail how new features work.


Thank you for your valuable feedback. This is ack’ed and we will look into the issue.

Did this upgrade happen today? Did it affect my connected Balance Routers? It seems like every router I have connected to InControl reboot at some point today as I’ve heard from all of the sites.

This shouldn’t happen. Please create a support ticket with our team for further investigation.

We confirmed IC2 accidentally enabled the group level device schedule management option when we upgrade the IC2 to 2.3.5 for devices with AP scheduling enabled on one or more devices in the same group. The devices’ local schedules were overwritten by IC2. We are sorry for the mistake. We will avoid the same problem from happening again.

Your devices’ configurations are actually backed up on IC2 and are available to download on their Device Details screen. You could restore your devices’ configuration with the backups.


Not sure if this is the best place for a feature request, but was wondering about InControl alerting…

  1. Timers on WAN outages so that if a connection blips and comes back online in a matter of seconds, we don’t get an alert for it. We have deployed dozens of Peplinks at and this point we’re starting to get overloaded with InControl alerts for these types of problems. I know this feature has been requested in the past, but was hoping this will be released soon.

  2. Not as important, but warnings for latency. For example, receive a warning if WAN connection x has average ping times exceeding y milliseconds for a period of longer than z minutes, send an alert.

just letting you know that we do have a thread dedicated to feature requests :slight_smile:

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