InContro2 ability to move devices without recreating PepVPN/SpeedFusion links

Hello IC2 Team,
Why can we not move devices within an organisation with an established PepVPN/SpeedFusion? This seems illogical that the PepVPN/SpeedFusion has to be deleted and recreated every time, including the policies related to the devices within the devices.

Feature Request: Please allow the devices to be moved within an organisation between groups without deleting the PepVPN/SpeedFusion.

To extend this further, please enable those operating as MSPs to do this between the various organisations they manage; it will benefit those running rental fleets and those that supply or manage a fleet of rotating systems.

This request can be tied to our previous thread/conversation at

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Moving devices within groups in same org: Yes, we are already looking into that. It does have the potential to break things since outbound policy and firewall rules are defined at the group level, and allowing devices to be moved freely is going to lead to issues.

Moving devices between orgs while maintaining connections is not something that is going to be practical with the current backend.

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