Inclusion of 2 Signals

For public safety purposes, I’d like to see these two items be included in future releases of pepwave products.

-FirstNet Band 14, Public Safety cellular network :: About Us | First Responder Network Authority
-Public Safety WiFi, 4.9GHz band for PS WiFi network

FirstNet is still rolling out and there are some cities/states already allocating the 4.9GHz wiFi for their Public Safety needs.


I would very much like to see this happen too. We have our FirstNet account and are demoing other manufacturer’s hardware currently. I would rather use our Peplink network as it is much more robust. I was hoping that since Sierra Wireless is making the actual modem and they are certified as is the hardware in CP brand that this was an easy fix. But, all I have heard are crickets. The 4.9 GHz is interesting, but that is licensed spectrum in most areas that I am familiar with. Supposed to be used for fixed or temporary fixed site linking paths.


Hi EM724,

Thank you for your feedback and continued support of Peplink!
Just wanted to make sure you know we are working on certifying a line FirstNet certified Pepwave routers.
We’ll be sure to update the forum when the time comes!


Thank you Adam. We are have been waiting for information. I was told by Sierra Wireless that they had obtained FirstNet certification, so I figured the Peplink equipment would be supporting it fairly quickly. Since inside my units have Sierra Wireless modems.

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