Include GPS maps in 3-party application


I have 4 Peplink MAX BR1 on boats. It is so far a nice functionality to have the maps in Incontrol to check, how the boats are doing.

But it would be much more convenient if one could include the maps in a third party application.

I have developed a soltuion for documention and report all the activities for boats and more and it would be a super feature if one could include
the GPS maps into the application.

That would also lead to that more customers could buy a Peplink router, when they want that feature.

Thank you in advance.

Hi. This is possible using the InControl API. You can pull the GPS data out for the devices in question and then use that in 3rd party applications to display maps / location.

You can find the InCOntrol API documentation here

The GET request for location data is /rest/o/{organization_id}/d/{device_id}/loc

Hello, thank you. That looks like something I could use. But I had to send a request for API access and Client_ID to them on yesterday and so far I didnt receive anything. How long does it usually take until one gets the API access?

The InControl team are normally pretty quick. I’ll give them a gentle nudge :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile: