Inbound traffic - exede freedom plan and wifi router

Hello all,

I recently changed my exede service to the “freedom plan” which required switching out my modem for the new modem/wifi router combination that exede offers.

Since making the switch I have no inbound traffic on that link - the new router supplies the balance 20 a DHCP address instead of the public IP that the old one used to connect to. I tried putting in the public IP, default route and Exede DNS as a static IP, but that gave me no connectivity at all.

I realize that this is a bit of a corner case, but I wonder if anyone on this forum has experience setting this router up with the balance 20 to allow inbound traffic…



Exede service “freedom plan” have the public IP ? Can you provide the info for the new Exede router LAN & WAN current setup for us to consider the require setup ?

Thank You