Inbound Rules / Ports for OpenVPN Client

I currently have an OpenVPN WAN Client license installed and am connecting successfully to a VPN provider that supports inbound connections to the publicly assigned static IP.

What I am not able to do it to force the security camera server to use the OpenVPN WAN and/or have inbound traffic to the OpenVPN route to the local network. When I look at the statistics, I see no inbound traffic to the OpenVPN WAN.

I have set up inbound TCP port forwarding to the server and bound it to the OpenVPN. I have set a similar outbound policy as well. I have tried both NAT and IP Forwarding for the Routing Mode in the WAN Settings but continue to have no success.

FWIW I can access the cameras from the local LAN using the public VPN IP and appropriate port but I don’t think that actually means anything from the outside.

Any thoughts will greatly appreciated. Please assume that I have done something stupid because I probably have. :slight_smile:

Incase anyone is having this issue, the solution is to disable IPv6. Peplink Engineering says to allow 6 more months for IPv6 to be fully supported.