Inbound port forwarding and firewall peplink 380

I am in the middle of configuring my new 380 and I have just done inbound port forwarding for all of my internet servers and services. I am now confused at the firewall tables as they appear to be a similar set of rules (public ip/private ip/port, allow or deny). I have specific public ip addresses that static nat to an internal ip address and I allow only certain tcp ports to each of these static translations. I am sure there is something that I am overlooking and perhaps I need to setup both inbound forwarding and firewall with a deny rule for all other traffic inbound, or is the inbound port forwarding going to only allow the traffic from public ip-private ip/tcp port .

I just thought of something. Perhaps I should inbound port forward all ports from a public ip address to a static ip address, then use the firewall section to restrict only the necessary TCP ports on that translation? Thanks for listening to me mumble and thanks for your help.

Hi Ajay,

If you have additional public IP addresses, I would set up 1-to-1 NAT rules instead of forwarding all ports. Either way you are building the path, and restricting or controlling the traffic is done with firewall rules.

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