Inbound load-balancing with Drop-in mode not working

Hello all!

I recently bought a Peplink Balance 580 with the intention of inbound load balancing all my websites and a few services that I host. I have ADSL links connected on all WANs and WAN5 (the one with 16 public IPs) is configured with drop-in mode so that my firewall can handle the public IP addresses just like before. So far, so good, outbound balancing works like a charm but inbound access is still restricted only to WAN5, because I can’t configure DNS settings the way it is supposed for the inbound access to work.

Long things short, my firewall is also my primary DNS server and when I configure peplink with drop-in mode on WAN5, it expects to listen to DNS requests on one of the WANs, but never on the LAN! So it does not “talk” to my primary DNS nor resolves any DNS requests coming from my LAN. So, how is this supposed to work when my primary dns server is on my LAN and not hosted outside my company? If this configuration is not supported, why isn’t it documented? I tried this Peplink | Pepwave - Forum and this Peplink | Pepwave - Forum configurations, but none of them worked.

Actually, I believe the configurations are correct since it’s been checked by two local dealers and none of them managed it to work, so I do believe it’s a **BUG **on the firmware.

Can someone help me?


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. Just to cover some of the Basics, please confirm/update the firmware on the Balance to the latest release and test again. You can verify firmware with the Balance’s built in firmware checker under System > Firmware > Firmware update.

If there are still issues after confirming/updating firmware, go ahead and open a support ticket at the following link-

In addition, please capture a diagnostic report from the Balance while the issues are occurring but before rebooting to preserve the Event Logs for review. This will also get us a copy of your configuration file for the team to review and see what, if any, changes are needed.

Instructions on capturing the report of course can be found at the following link:

Keep us posted and we can go from there.