Inbound IP Addresses not showing

Hi Folks

New at Peplink Routers , as we have installed a few , and have been searching for a solution for a while

Seems 3 of my clients with the SOHO routers :

Under the active sessions/search bar I do not get any inbound IP addresses
Tried using different settings but will not show inbound
The outbound works but I only see the latest 5 connections

Seems a bit strange to NOT be able to see more than this but more importantly why am I unable to see inbound connections ?

Version 9.1.3
8.2.1 build 5082

Also in the client list it does not update correctly as a perfect example is I have a TP Link switch online but it does not show up under the Client list
It is plugged 1 foot away with a cat 6 patch cable from the router (router sits on top of the switch in a rack) .
Everything is working great at this site also
Been in for about 5 months and I started noticing these issues recently looking at inbound and outbound traffic

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thank You



Devices only pop up on the client list when they have sent traffic via the SOHO.
So your switch might show when first powered up as it might request a DHCP IP address but unless you access it remotely you won’t see it on the list later. You can force it to reappear by pinging it from the router…

You won’t see any inbound sessions listed in the overview display under status > Active Sessions unless they were initiated inbound - like a port forwarded session.

Otherwise all sessions are initiated outbound by devices on the LAN. Here is my Overview tab for comparison:

Hi martinLangMaid

Apologies as I have not logged in for a while

Thx foir the answers as I’ll be going back to this client prob next weekend as they have been dealing wiht construction etc. and are now ready to go live

Hi martin

Still acting strangely ( why traffic shows up randomly , I get it why ) as it shows some of the static and some of the dhcp IP addresses randomly as I cannot understand this . We finally have power at a remote location as things are now stable after solar died on us so I am now watching more closely . Another issue I found was over the remote access connection I can browse to the router but my 2 switches are not accessible unless I use rdp and go off the local pc .