Inbound firewall rule with source as FQDN

Peplink Balance 580

Is it possible to create an inbound firewall rule using a fully qualified domain name as the source? I have remote users with VOIP phones that use dynamic DNS services to define their IP addresses. I need to allow them access to our internal phone system without opening the SIP port to the entire world. This is possible on the Sonicwall that I am planning on replacing with this Peplink.



This is not possible, we identify inbound traffic via IP and not FQDN.

Will this ever change? I have many clients that I would like to move off Sonicwalls to Peplinks, but the lack of FQDN support on firewall rules is a deal killer.


Can I suggest to use PepVPN? For instance HQ installs with Balance router and remote users use Surf Soho.