Inbound Access Services vs Inbound Firewall Rules

Hello, I am experienced with networking, firewalls, etc, but am new to Peplink. I had a question regarding terminology and was hoping someone could clarify things for me. Apologies in advance, if this is an old topic that been addressed, but I could not find an answer searching these forums. So, my question is: Can someone explain the differences between the “Inbound Access Services” and the Firewall “Inbound Access rules”? In what case would I use each? What I am looking to do it to allow inbound access to specific ports on specific servers in my network. With previous firewalls I would just create custom inbound firewall rules to the internal IP and Port. And I do see how to do the same thing in the Peplink Balance firewall, using Inbound Firewall rules. Is there any difference/advantage to using Inbound Access Services instead of Inbound firewall rules? Or are they different things?



Hi Raymond,

Thank you for the inquiry. To setup the routes for traffic to the inside network, you would need to setup the applicable Port forward/Inbound access rules or NAT mappings (if you have the additional IPs). Think of it as basically setting the path properly. Firewall rules would be used to “gate” access and secure the connection.

The following article from our Knowledgebase should explain further-

I hope this helps to clarify things, let us know if there’s other questions at all.

Got it. Many thanks for the quick reply.

Hello,Im new to peplink as well
Im trying to configure remote viewing of cctv tru internet explorer. Im using inbound access rules. I need to allow to allow port 80 and port 2000.
I couldnt make it to work. Can I have step by step procedure to accomplish this issue.


Hello Prodiaman,

If you have a firewall. You will just need to create a allow rule for port 80/2000 for inbound access.

Also you may want to take a look at port forwards to access the cctv on the inside of the Balance.

May need to know more specifics to give the best recommendation. I would open a support ticket here: