Inbound access - newbie need some infomration-

Hello Guys,

it’s my first time to work with load balancing and Peplink.

we have purchased a peplink appliance to load balance the inbound access to a web server (3 router with 2 static IP & 1 dhcp), and need plz some information to how implement this in the right way.

1 -please in the perplink wans interfaces when we launch the setup wizard, which adresses’s should I supply? the static public IP or just the private in the same subnet to the router, knowning that i’ll use the drop in mode in the wan2 interface?

2- in the users guides i’ve read that we should make a DNS delegation. So i should add this NS & A record to our DNS server

   www NS wan1balance
   www NS wan2balance

   wan1balance  A IPstatic1
   wan2balance  A IPstatic2

and add a A record in my peplink ipadresse ?

3 - for the DHCP ISP can it be also used for inbound LB ?

4 - we want also use the Bypass Port wich will be connected directly to the web server, if the peplink gets down the DNS replay will still working?

Thank you very much in advance, any useful information is welcome.
Best regards.

Plz plz help, it’s my first time with peplink and LB.

In case you have to hosted enterprise within your Peplink you need at least one valid fixed ip (public ip). In my tests when you use Peplink to authenticate (pppoe) is much better.

Some links that may help you: