Inactive Clients and DHCP Records


Dear Guys ,

I don’t know why Peplink doesn’t remove inactive records from client list and DHCP records !
we have stale records more than 6 months in the client list although it says record expires in x days but it is still there after x days!

please someone advise.

Thanks - Hootan


Hi Hootan,

Please open ticket here. Please turn on Remote Assistance as well.



Thanks for your support


I have a problem similar to Hootan’s. How can I solve that? Thanks



May i know the firmware version running for your device ? If you maintain the latest firmware, the inactive clients will be removed when the DHCP leased time expired.



does not automatically delete inactive clients…

It would be good if they put a button to debug the inactive clients manually. As a recommendation




Inactive clients will be removed in the following conditions:

  • DHCP client leased time expired.

If you still found Inactive client is not removed after the list time is expired. please open a support ticket for support team to check.