In control2 for balance 710

The warranty of my balance 710 expired. I want to purchase only incontrol2 but I don’t find it on the online store.



IC2 subscription only applicable for the following products model:

Balance 20, 30, 50, One, One Core
MAX On-The-Go, BR
AP One AC Mini, 300M, In-Wall, Flex
AP Pro
FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro

For your Balance 710 (warranty expired), please purchase TotalCare/SmartCare instead.

For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Thank You

Could Peplink please revise their policy on this?
We have lots of customers that don’t want or need extended warranty but they would be happy to pay for say a HD4 4x IC2 licences (4x cellular data vs 1x on the BR1)
The IC2 licence price could be tied into the possible available WANs of the device or the original purchase price.
Thank You