In Control reset

Is there a way to reset my in control and start over.
I have 2 accounts not setup correctly and my units out of warranty.
I just want to trash both of them and set up new

Hi @kmcghghy,

If you have the login details for both of your accounts, yes - simply go to Settings and select “Device Management” - you can place a tick next to each device you want to remove and then click the “Remove” option. An Organisation with no devices will automatically be removed after 28 days.


You will see a warning message asking if you want to retain or remove the InControl managed settings - select as appropriate and then press OK.

However, if you don’t have the login details for your accounts, then there isn’t an easy way - The Peplink engineering team will have to do this for you, but you will need to provide them with evidence that the devices you want to add to your new Organisation belong to you.

You can create a new Organisation by clicking this link :

I hope this helps,



Thank you worked perfect.
I was new to this so never used it after I set it up. Didn’t understand what it would do that I couldn’t do on my device.

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