Improvement in the Dashboard page (nic status, ipv6, traffic per interface....)

In dasboard in LAN interface, display the information of interfaces configured as lan, and the type of negotiation it. And some other information such as:

  • Status of negotiation for port lan / wan
  • Monitoring direct traffic per interface
  • Name of the local network interfaces directly in the dashboard

Please guys, let’s review pretty in this post asking this enhancement so they put the roadmap development :D:cool::slight_smile:

This looks great! You have my vote.

Add the vlan ip’s and subnet information on LAN Interface.

and on speedfusion add the upload and download info and a link to the traffic graph that is available on status speedusion.


I am totally agree, dashboard page needs some improvements… I told Keith many years ago regarding monitoring direct traffic per interface in dashboard.
again my thumb is up for these improvements and some others:

*** Ability to connect/disconnect PepVPN/SF from dashboard.
****** Monitoring memory usage along with CPU usage.
******* Some kind of “Latency and Drop rate Metric” per WAN on dashboard page to inform users from average latency and drop rate on each WAN link.because some time link is not disconnected but it has much latency and drop rate and causes Internet slowing…**

I have been tinkering around with pfsense for a few weeks and I must say… wow, wayyyyy too much options, but it is insanely customizable and I will admit I was thinking about starting a new post regarding this same thing, c’mon peplink team, the dashboard is just too simple and too generic. I am 100% sure most of the IT folks that log into a peplink router is mostly concerned about 1 - 2 options, please give us the ability to add those windows on the dashboard (whatever they maybe).

Me personally I spend alot of time looking at the real time usage so that exact picture above will definitely make me happy being able to monitor all 4 of my WAN connections simply by logging in.

@tiqster Thanks for bringing this into light.

The team will evaluate this request again.


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