Implemented Unicode v6.0 Emojis (published in 2010) into SSID use for Wi-Fi via InControl2

Hello Peplink Support & Engineers,
Many wireless manufactures have now fully implemented Unicode v6.0 Emojis (published in 2010) into SSID use for Wi-Fi, we have a large customer wanting to do this, at the moment we are looking at another major product that does it, though we’d prefer to use the Peplink InControl2 product to do the implementation.
Roll out is due to being this January 2017, so we need to find a solution to make this work ASAP.
We know that directly on the Pepwave devices setting up the Wi-Fi (not cloud managed) the Unicode works with the SSIDs, though InControl2 is not allowing us to enter them.
Here is a example of the SSID we are attempting to use
:pig:SmileInternet (not the real one, change to protect commercial privacy)
The Pig Face Emoji (🐷 Pig Face Emoji - Copy & Paste - EmojiBase!) works on all devices we have tested to date, just not when we attempt to use InControl2 for controlling the Wi-Fi.
We have a 2nd major sales demo in the middle of January 2017, if possible to get a fix before then, that would be terrific.
Yaw Theng from Peplink Support has screenshots and more details from a previous support request if needed, again those details are not here to protect commercial privacy.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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We will roll out Emoji in SSID support in two phases. The first phase is to support configuring emoji SSIDs. It will be publicly available in early Feb. However reports for emoji SSIDs will still be unavailable. The second phase is to support them in reports too. It shall be available in April.

For your demo in mid-Jan, please DM me your organization’s IC2 URL. We will manually patch your organization when a hot fix is available. It will allow you to configure an emoji SSID.


Hello Michael,

We’d be happy to take part in having a hotfix applied to the organisations
IC2 profile and to help Promote & test it for the Peplink Team &
Community. I will PM you the IC2 details shortly.

Appreciate your assistance,

Marcus J

Hello Peplink Community,
You can read on how successfully Peplink have been able to get everything our customer required here at this new “Thankyou” post. We highly encourage and recommend reaching out the the Peplink team through the Forum if you have questions &/or need help with a solution.

Here are some images of the test SSIDs
Image of SSID as seen on PC

Image of SSID as seen on iPhone

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: