iMessage / Jabber and UPNP?

I’m currently using another company’s load-balancing router.

On the LAN side, I’m running a Mac OS X 10.8 Server that’s running iMessage (which is Apple’s brand of Jabber/XMPP). Although this router advertises that it has Universal Plug & Play, iMessage is not working properly - text chats are OK, but file transfers fail.

I’ve read Apple’s documents: If you use FaceTime and iMessage behind a firewall - Apple Support and tried lots of variations (UPNP on or off, Port forwarding various ports, even NAT DMZ) : nothing worked.

If I remove the $Cheap_Router and put the Apple Airport Extreme back in, then iMessage file transfers work again.

My working hypothesis is that the UPNP service of the $Cheap_Router is not working properly (or perhaps it’s not working up to what Apple OS expects? ).

My question for the Peplink folks - do the Balance series routers offer UPNP? And, has anyone out there actually tested this setup : running an OS X Server iMessage/Jabber server on the LAN side and seeing if file transfers work to chat clients on the WAN side?


Yes UPNP and NAT-PMP are supported. I haven’t tested Imessage/Jabber Server specifically but it should work. Here is a screenshot of where you can enable UPnP in the balance series.

Thanks - the cheap router I’m using right now has UPnP but doesn’t mention NAT-PMP, so I wonder if it’s the lack of NAT-PMP that’s causing me trouble.