IMEI Nr shows up as Sierra Wireless

Why would my new Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 LTEA router show up as a Siera Wireless branded router when i look up the IMEI nr? This also shows up like that in the AT&T system so now it will not work with AT&T.

I suspect you are looking at the WAN Connection Screen on the UI. My Peplink device also reflects Sierra Wireless as the manufacturer. Further research, in my case, reveals the information being provided in that screen reflects the manufacturer & model of the actual modem Peplink used in my device.
For what it’s worth, there are a finite number of cellular modem manufacturers. Sierra Wireless is one of them.
If this device was working & has now quit, it could be due to AT&T shutting down 3G service (2/22/2022).
Please understand, that last sentence is a purely subjective observation. I have seen this same issue reported on other forums. I would try & determine why (from AT&T) the device no longer works. If it’s a 3G issue, I would open up a service ticket with Peplink
Good luck.

Sierra Wireless makes cellular modems. That Peplink device likely uses a Sierra Wireless modem. The only way for the carrier to know what device it is to send a list of IMEI #s or prefix. I dont see why a Sierra Wireless isn’t approved if Peplink is an approved device. Exactly what AT&T plan are you trying to use?