IMEI Info - Max Transit CAT 18 (U.S. Owners, AT&T)

First post, but long time Pepwave hardware user here. I recently purchased a Max Transit Cat18 to replace a 2013 vintage Max BR1. I’m currently in the middle of a “debate” with AT&T about provisioning me a SIM on my existing 100GB data-only plan. Long story, but it comes down to them wanting me to purchase a replacement ZTE MF279 that came with the data plan. The ZTE is a pile of garbage, to put it politely! AT&T has been trying to lookup the IMEI for the Max Transit and is claiming it shows up as not compatible with their network according to AT&T online support. Ok, whatever…

For grins, I went to the discount Cricket Wireless (AT&T Owned, AT&T Network) to see what they offered for data-only plans should I be unsuccessful in dealing direct with AT&T. Cricket Wireless offers data only, BYOD plans and they run you through an IMEI lookup process on their website. Well, lo and behold, it comes back with this:

“Yay! Your LM960A18 is Compatible”

And then proceeds to the SIM ordering process.

They offer 20 & 40 GB plans. 40GB as of this date is $50.

Just wanted to provide this info for anyone with newer model Max devices that might be having an issue with AT&T. If I end having to try Cricket, I’ll update this thread with my findings.


Did you try placing the sim from your old pepwave into the new pepwave?

I am having the exact same issue. How can I get a SIM from AT&T for my new PepWave Max Transit CAT 18? They look it up and say it isn’t compatible. I spent 2 hours on the phone and tried several different departments and support personnel. It is not in the system and so they refuse to support. PepWave can you talk with AT&T? I don’t want to go with a downstream provider I would like to go directly with the carrier. Anybody know if there is a timeline for AT&T recognizing this device?

In the meantime, can you use an ATT unite or unite pro hotspot, activate your SIM in that, and then move your SIM to the max transit cat 18? This worked for me on AT&T (as long as the sim is activated in a hotspot device and the plan is for a hotspot device, it worked fine to move the activated sim into the max transit for me.)

Why can’t you physically move the SIM from your br1 to the max transit? It should work.