Im with the other guy, where do I post complaints?

Today was my first experience with Peplink. I bought a new router, but it had no manual. So I goto the site, and had to register with a email address, then register my device, to get the firmware and manual. I was disappointed in having to do all this. so I sent a email to [email protected] with my complaint, using a different email address than I registered with on the support site. I got a reply back from customer service and a employee apologizing for my bad experience being a first time customer. 24 minutes later I got spam from Peplink about their products to the email address I used to email sales!!! Don’t you think if someone was unhappy about your company that you wouldn’t spam them 20 minutes later!! Wow!!!


Normally the devices include a quick start-up guide. As it did not in your case I could see the initial frustration and apologize. You are not required to register the device to download firmware or user manuals. If you navigate to our main site as you stated the user manual can be found by just clicking or hovering over the support tab and then there is a section call “Firmware and Manual Downloads” Here is the link:

Otherwise as stated in registration when you signed up, you will get announcements if checked. That is why you received the new announcement about the InControl2 and Firmware 6.1. These are automated announcements and not Spam as your emails are private to us and are not given out.

We could have cleared everything up for you via email, phone and even a support ticket to get you the required information as the “Quick Start-Up Guide” Was not included.

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As I told you in the email, you didn’t need to register on our site for anything. the firmware and user manual is available for the world to download. From the Peplink home page you will notice a Support tab:

If you hover over the word Support you will see the link for the Firmware and User Manual downloads, and if you click it you will be brought here:

It is actually pretty quick and easy. As a reference, here is a shortcut:

As far as spam goes, we did send you a newsletter about our FREE InControl 2 central management system. This is a great FREE feature that you certainly do not have to take advantage of.

We send out a newsletter maybe 4-6 times per year about our products and services. We hate spam more than you and would never sell or give out your email address to anyone. This I guarantee!

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The one point I think both replies missed is the email address I used to send a email to sales was NOT the one I registered the device with. So just by sending a email to sales, I got automatically added to the spam list. The email I registered the device to was a completely different domain name and is my customers email address. He emailed me and thought he was getting spammed from Peplink, since he got emails from you, before I had a chance to let him know about it.

So I had NO option to not subscribe, or uncheck a box to keep from getting spam from you when sending a email to sales.

As for the initial issue, the file I downloaded had the firmware in it, and a pdf with nothing but the firmware instructions. And a link “Peplink Balance User Manual for Firmware 5.4” that I though was only a manual for the firmware, turns out to be a manual for the router, so sorry about that. The missing startup guide is not a huge issue, but when I couldn’t seem to find the manual online, and then registered, only to be shown products to buy and no a support page, made me upset.

In the end the only thing that matter is how the router will perform. If it works great, ill buy another one, knowing everything I need already. If it doesn’t, ill use another brand. Its just a bad start to what I was hoping would be a great product.


Thank you for the clarification, this is understood, just let us know if you have any questions or concerns when testing the router we’ll be more then happy to assist.

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Thanks for the update PalPie, I hope it performs above your expectations!

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