Im having issues hooking up soho to modem

Hi I have a soho mk3 and I’m trying to hook it up to the Netgear modem. I can see the internet connection but its not talking to the modem

Hi. I’m not exactly sure what the issue is, how you have things connected, and what (specifically) you mean by “see.” The Peplink Partner from whom you bought the SOHO should be able to help you very quickly. No luck there?

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Hello and Good Day

Yes more info is needed.
What model is the Netgear modem
How is it connected to the soho, WiFi WAN or USB tethered?

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Hi. I have a nighthawk Netgear and I’m hooking it up to the soho. Our internet provider is xfinity. Apparently we need the gateway and the up address to hook up the router to the modem. The modem is already hooked up through Comcast but the router is not talking to the modem. Trying everything there is

Jennifer Myers

Hi there. @Ballistic and I have asked a few questions to find out a bit more information. I feel your frustration but we really need that info in order to help. :wink: There are quite a number of folks around here who have good experience with SOHOs and various types of modems. Can you give us some more information so we can help you?

But perhaps the most important question: Peplink Partners have an obligation to help get folks going with the products they sell. Have you contacted that organziation, I wonder? FWIW, in my experience the best way to get help is, in order:
(1) From the Partner who sold the product,
(2) From the Forum, and
(3) By entering a help ticket with Peplink.

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