I'm dense, where do I set FEC on a SpeedFusion Cloud tunnel?

I’m working with a UBR-LTE as well as a Balance 20x and I’m confused about where I turn this important feature on and off (Forward Error Correction). I believe I’m somehow missing the location of a crucial control panel that has other options as well.

Any help for a dim witted new user?

OK. You’re not “dim witted.” ;<) It’s just not that it’s all that intuitive. Here’s a screen shot of a SFC panel which shows the location …

There are probably other ways to get there, but in this case I followed this path: SpeedFusion Cloud → Choose Cloud Location → [select the location you have already established] → and - poof – you’ll be at the screen I showed above.

Maybe there is another way to edit an existing SFC connection but that’s the only way I know. [The usual critiques are invited …]

Does that help?

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Aha!! I knew I had been to that page before. For some reason it wasn’t occurring to me to click on the cloud location! Mucho Gracias.

Peplink: You may want to consider changing how the menu system is setup so this is more obvious. It doesn’t make much sense to me that these settings are accessed by clicking a button that says “Choose Cloud Location”. If anything I would expect them to be under the button that says “Optimize Cloud Application”. The current menu system under SpeedFusion Cloud looks like it was started by someone who said “We can make this a lot simpler for the user!” but then it got taken over by someone (a senior software developer perhaps) who just wanted/needed to get the feature out the door. The first menu we see looks nothing like any other menu in the rest of the system.