Identify Mis-Behaving Client

Last night I got a huge burst of traffic for several hours and I am trying to track down which client was responsible. I can see the filters by WAN, but can I get hourly BW usage by client? I have a SOHO MK3, running the latest beta.


InControl will show you historic usage per device and list the top devices by usage.

You can then look at daily client data usage for suspected devices to confirm.

I found that screen but I was looking for one client vs hour instead of client data vs day. Most clients have a lot of data for the day, but only a couple have huge data transfers from 12:00AM to 6AM which is where I am seeing a spike in traffic. I was wondering if they kept stats like the below on a per client basis. I finally figured it out by looking at the upload size, but I thought I would be greedy and ask for a client BW by hour graph as well instead of the total BW by time below.

I don’t know about InControl2 but on the router itself, the hourly bandwidth usage report lets you zoom in to see the usage for each client within the hour.

That works! That gave me just the information I wanted. Thanks!!!