ICMP First hop (Peplink Balance 710) 50%-70% constant packet loss

Hi, ive been trying to solve this one but no matter what I do i cannot get the peplink to stop dropping ICMP packets on the first hop (itself)

Note it doesnt affect the performance on the unit, there is no discernable loss of performance in the unit, its exclusively causing ICMP issues but no TCP or UDP issues.

Im doing this over a wired connection, on 200Mbit Fiber Internet

Ive already connected myself directly to the LAN port, reset it to defaults, changed the unit for another 710 we have here, used 7 diferent machines both wired and wireless, and im getting the same result, if i try the tracert with another brand router (Buffalo or D-Link) or with the computer directly cabled into the ONT Fiber box straight to the internet there is no packet loss on the first hop.

Anyone have any ideas why this may be?

Any help would be apreciated.


Please fix speed and duplex mode on B710’s LAN and your laptop. Then connect laptop to B710’s LAN and test again.

Currently its on manual gigabit 10/100/1000 full duplex, i cant set it on 10/100 as the wan connections are 200Mbit

Do you want me to set it to Auto? wont it connect at gigabit speed anyway? or do you want me to set it at 10/100 to just check if it works at that speed?

Currently im using a Cat6 Avaya Systimax assambled cable, i dont think that would be the cause but ill try a different cable and auto setting and report


Please fix to 1000Mbps Full Duplex for Peplink LAN port and laptop NIC.