ICA - Maximum requests


We use the ICA api to get data for to our own monitor tools.
Is there any way to increse the API request limit?

API Request Rate Limit

  • The API Request Rate Limit is 20 requests per second per organization. A 429 response code will be returned if the rate is over the limit.

The API request rate limit applies to the public InControl API service only. For ICA, no rate limit is applied.

Even though there is no rate limit on ICA, making a high rate of API calls is usually not necessary. Making a lot of API requests is usually because our users wanted to collect many devices’ status information. They thought they have to make an API call for each device one-by-one. But actually, it is not needed. The system provides many group-level API endpoints. You usually could collect the needed information of all devices in a group with just one group-level API call.

Thanks Michael!

Ok, this is intresting. We get warnings from time to time regarding to many requests.
Has this to do with FW version? I know we run a slightly older version.

That’s right. The limit was not removed in earlier versions of ICA. But it was removed in 2.8.6.

Ok, thanks!
Is there a way to check fw-version from the gui?

The system version number is displayed at the page footer on any pages after you logged in.

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