IC2A API hub side packetloss


We use the IC2A API for our own monitor application.
I cant find the data for packetloss per vpn tunnel on the hub side.

I´ve tried to find a requst thet gives me the data but i cant find it.

Someone who knows wher to find it?

You should first make a call to the “status” endpoint, i.e. /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/pepvpn/status to collect the peer s/n’s.
And then make a second call to the “status/sn” endpoint, i.e. /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/pepvpn/status/{sn} and submit the current unit’s and the peer units’ s/n’s. In the returned results, you will find packet loss rate values. The data may be missing in the first call. They shall be available when you make the same call again a few secs later (because it takes time for the system to query the data from the device in real time.)

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Thanks Michael!

I will try this out