When you have a balance one (for example) working as a wifi controller for several APs (ap one 300m for example). The balance one should roam the users between each AP when they move inside the premises… what happens if we change the controller to InControl2 to use the facebook login feature, will the users still roam through the APs when they move? or will they stay stock to the first AP that they connected to?


They will follow whatever parameters you have setup in IC2 as you can only use either IC2 or the AP Controller. Typically it is up to the client when to roam to the next WAP (if it sees a WAP with better signal strength, it will make the switch).

Hi Jarid, can IC2 know that they are actually on the same LAN thus roaming them from one AP to another? not only if the signal strenght is better, but also if the “first” AP is saturated…



Ultimately it is up to the client device when to make the switch from one WAP to another. We can help the device in that regards by setting Signal Strength thresholds on the WAP (minimum signal needed to connect).

Yes, client device will roam as long as SSID and Password are the same whether your doing it from IC2 or AP Controller.

Thanks Jarid, now a cultural question… some “older devices” (2-3 years old, for example) stick to the first AP they connected to unless a controller steps in… eventually this issue will be solved when newer generations replace older client chipsets, correct?


Correct, this is why it is recommended to set Signal Threshold so the WAP can help them transition. Mostly helps for older devices but will still be useful with newer ones as well.