IC2 private VM with no Internet access, unable to add device

I’m testing a deployment of IC2 on a local VM that will be within an environment that will/may not have Internet access.

The first goal is to import a device to be controlled within IC2. After entering the S/N of the device in question (B310), it prompts for manual product name selection from a drop down box. However, there are no devices that present themselves for selection, regardless of how long I wait, thus I’m unable to import the device as this is required.

Is this a known issue and/or are there any workarounds for this type of deployment?

The last time i did an IC2 VM setup the IC2 Team manually updated the Product List on initial install. Log a ticket to get their assistance.

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Thanks! So in short, these builds don’t have the current crop of devices within the images they provide. I will do just that and also as they provide this, I’ll ask for an “enhancement request”. It would seem trivial to do so.