IC2 never finds the correct address of a device and the results don't make sense

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to add the physical address to devices in IC2 but it’s not working, none of the results are ever found and even if I manually use lat/lon it doesn’t match the address.

For example, “388 Yonge Street Toronto ON” it only finds Yonge Street:

“37 Flagman Street Toronto”:

“333 Bloor Street East Toronto”:

Google shows lat/lon for this is 43.6712624,-79.3820988 so if I try to just manually enter that into IC2 it still doesn’t work:

IC2 just shows “Bloor Street East” no 333, and that’s not 333 on the map, it’s actually much farther to the right by a few blocks. I tried this for other addresses and while it’s close, the “Address” box never shows the building number, and it’s always in the wrong spot on the map, usually off by a block or two.

Am I doing something wrong, as I don’t recall having this issue in the past. I can’t get it to find any addresses at all on here, it just finds the city, or the street at most but never specific buildings.

Even if I give up and just put the street, like Yonge Street, Toronto using the first result in the auto fill, it saves with the wrong address:

Saves showing King Street in the main IC2 page:

Hello @liammonroe,
Here is a previous forum post gives you the background as to why you are seeing what you are experiencing.

InControl2 is working correctly. The issue is with the source mapping platform that in that it does not know of the location.

Here is how you can currently getting around the missing and lack of address results from the mapping platform. Using your mapping platform of choice, acquire the GPS coordinates from the mapping platform and enter those manually into the areas on InControl2 for the longitude and latitude coordinates.

We are optimistic that in the future, there will be a viable option to allow everyone to choose between alternative mapping platforms that are more suited to the various uses and regions around the world.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus, the problem is that doesn’t work for me either. When I put the latitude longitude in, it still doesn’t match and puts the actual location 2 or 3 blocks away from the correct one! It often doesn’t even display the same street address either.

I just posted on the thread you linked, as we should be able to use Google Maps with our own API key for it from our own Google account, as I’d be fine just paying myself to use it vs these broken maps!