IC2 losing connection to updated 6.3.0 Balance 20

I’ve been using IC2 to manage my Balance routers. I recently updated them to 6.3.0. I have 2 Balance One’s and 1 Balance 20. The Balance 20 has been having an issue with IC2 since the upgrade. IC2 loses the connection to the router momentarily and sends emails that the device was offline and then back online - however, the device did NOT lose connection and was online the entire time. The device event log shows it did not go down. Do you have any ideas on what may be causing this issue with IC2 and how to fix it?

Thank you!

Please open a support ticket so we can dig into this deeper:

I’m seeing a similar issue starting today on a Max BR1 with 6.3.0 (1967) and have opened a support ticket. SocalDave, did you get your issue resolved?

Hi John,

The problem was solved. Can you share what WAN link you are using? WAN, Cellular or Wifi WAN? GPS was using in this unit?

WAN. (GPS connected, devices stationary)

I now have 3 devices reported as offline by InControl2, but all are alive and active via VPN. 2 devices are running 6.3.0, 1 is 6.2

Ticket #760126

Thanks TK