IC2 Issue no remote access

Is there a problem with IC2 as I have no remote access to any of our routers and live information especially GPS isn’t updating?

Same here…

I am able to access a device via ic2.
What is the error message, can you post a screenshot?

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Same here.

On all of my login’s trying to remote control a fusionhub or router device I get Device is not available or offline. Been this way for at least 4 hours now.

Hello @JustinEccott, @Darrin_Johnson & @jmurray1818,
Several servers are used for InControl2; these start with a planet name such as Earth & Mars (https://earth.ic.peplink.com/ & https://mars.ic.peplink.com/). Which server is your InControl2 instance on?

As with @Jonathan_Pitts, I have today not had any issues accessing devices on InControl2, though all the customers I’ve been supporting today have been on the Mars server group.

Are you able to supply more details? If there is a fault, the more details you supply, the easier it will be to isolate/reproduce and resolve.

If you have details containing a serial number (or other confidential information), raise a support ticket instead with reference to this forum chat and with those serial/confidential details and quote the ticket number here for reference.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, odd looks like I’m on the MARS server group. IC2 looks normal it’s only when you try and access any routers in any of my organisations via the remote Web access they all come up failing to connect. No errors come up just a constant device is unavailable or offline with a reconnect button. have checked known definitely online routers and the result is the same. Can you change the server group the IC2 uses?

Definitely cant access any routers via the remote web admin on MARS plus two of our customers have also reported the same issue I have raised a support ticket 21060777.

Same problem this AM. As best I can tell…I’m on mars server. Clicking reconnect fails. Chrome/Safari have same outcome.

Device logs show this: Remote web admin initiated from InControl 2 by XXXXXXX

Yep that’s what I keep seeing too.

The devices are updating their status on the control panel just no remote access. Has to be outage or maintenance on those servers of some sort.

The remote web admin issue has been resolved. Yes, there was a misconfiguration with the RWA system last week. So it caused some devices on Mars having the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your reports.


Thank you Michael for a speedy resolution :smiley:

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