IC2 Data Usage In a Month


How much data does a modem typically generate when reporting to IC2? We have a customer curious as to how much data is used on average in a month by a modem reporting over cellular.



  • 2 x cellulars
  • No clients
  • No events
  • No config updates
  • No real-time monitoring from IC2 web

With GPS on the Max router = 60MB
Without GPS on the Max router = 48MB

Thank you for providing this! Is it possible to disable IC2 so that a device does not attempt to check in? The customer we are working has observed that removing the units from IC2 does not seem to affect the data usage they are seeing.

Here you go.

Hi TK, is it possible to view the data usage by source? For example, the customer would like to see if the data is from the modem going to IC2, or if it is from their host devices? I am not aware of a way to do this either on the device, or in IC2.

I don’t think this is possible since the source IP was NATTED after went through the Cellular WAN. You may need to compare the bandwidth usage (System > Bandwidth) with the ISP usage report.