IC2 Appliance WebPortal Refused connection

I’ve just set up a IC2 VM with the supplied vmdk file from the website.
I have used console to configure the IP on both WAN and LAN(Internal) interfaces. I can ping the WAN-interface, but not the lan. (Normal?)
When i try to connect to the Webpage/portal on the server (https://IPofWANinterface:4443) i get Connection refused.
I have a firewall inbetween the server and my PC, which i can see traffic pass througt without any problems.

When i restart the server and look at the console, i can see everything is fine, except for the 3 last systemchecks:
[TIME] Time out waiting for device /dev/disc/by-label/config
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for /etc/littlecloud
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for file system check on /dev/disc/by-label/config

Anyone had the same problems?

The DB is not currently up and running, but i can’t configure whick DB the server is supposed to use, without accessing the web-portal anyways… so guess that’s not a problem.
Allso the server don’t have Internet-access as of yet.

Version: 2.9.0

The “LAN” interface shall be connecting to a private LAN. No other devices except the two VMs attach to it. No serviceable port is available on the LAN.

I’d suggest you leave the DB VM’s to use the default IP initially (i.e. When the IC VM starts up, it also tries to connect to the DB VM. If it cannot connect to the DB, it will keep trying for up to 3 mins. During the period, you are not able to reach the control panel (on port 4443). The control panel will start up and be reachable only when the 3 mins passed or the system can reach the DB.

Also, according to the error message you posted, it indicates it cannot reach the data disk. Maybe a data disk is not attached to the IC VM. Please follow the setup guide to attach a blank data disk to both the IC and DB VM. The data disk on IC VM is for storing system configurations and log files. The data disk on DB VM is for storing database’s data files.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

I have the LAN-interface connected to a vlan with some other servers. In theory this shouldn’t be a problem, but maybe it is. I’ll try using the default-ip there.

The server has been up and running for 4 days, and i still can’t connect on port 4443.
I’ve doublechecked the firewall, and all traffic passes throught without problem.

The datadisk is there, but i’ll mount it again to see if anything changes.

Why aren’t the server packed as VM’s instead of discs? That would atleast make my life a little blit easier. I’m sure there is a reason, just wondering.

I suggest you directly attach your PC onto the same LAN/VLAN as the IC VM’s “WAN” interface. It will eliminate any potential firewall configuration mistake. It should not be hard to reach the control panel if the system has fully booted up.

The error messages in your first message should not be seen. The system must not behave correctly if you see them after booting up. Please ensure a blank new secondary disk image is attached to the system. When the system finds the blank disk, it will initialize the disk automatically for the first time.

We think providing disk images could provide the highest flexibility and the least compatibility issue to our users. Our customers could even load/port the disk to other hypervisors (e.g. Linux KVM).