I want to set up hotspot and sell to someone

Thank you for good product.
I really enjoy saving money for internet.
Thanks again.
Plb 305 with 3 isps
Now I want to setup hot spot zone and possible to sell some one.
is it possible with this?
Also this can works with link below?

Thank you for any advice …

PS: If I put bandwidth limit for upload ex) full bandwidth:150M/30M If i put limit for each user 5M/1M I see legging when hit limit of 5M/1M?
is this what is suppose to be or I made mistake?

Thank you…


Do you mean you need to connect Wifi as WAN to Zonerider.net then provide Wifi access to local user with existing Balance 305?

If user usage reached 5M/1M (down/up) constantly, he/she will feels lagging. This is normal.

I have 3 WAN land line connections configured already, now I wish I can sell my connections as wifi to Neighbor, so is it possible? that is my question…

Sorry for confusion.

If user usage reached 5M/1M (down/up) constantly, he/she will feels lagging. This is normal. I feel like whole network is legging that is why…
If Wan connection spcs is 50M/10M if i set them as 45M/8M at network setup , when close to 45M/8M limit how come wan connection is getting high ping.
Cause some people upload video to google dirve or youtube over 10G something like that I’d like to keep limit up to 8M or 5M but it seems like when close to that limit whole thing is lagging that same.
Current confuration is Lowest latency always on all 3 wan connetions.
is there any possible to control this issue? sometime people download or upload up to limit some games are disconnection, I’d like to balance out within lowered spec of each wan. EX) WAN1 :50M/10M I’d like balance out at 40M/8M that is I’d like to try…

Thank you…


Wifi Sharing:

Believe B305 is connected to a switch. You may perform steps below to share your Wifi to neighbor:-

  1. Ensure you are using managed switch and having an AP connected to it.
  2. Create new Vlan in B305 (Network > LAN > LAN).
  3. Configure your switch as below:-
    3.1. Create new Vlan with ID that match with step 2.
    3.2. Configure Tagging on the port that connected to B305.
    3.3. Configure Vlan ID on the port that connected to AP.

Internet Lagging

I suspect you are facing congestion on particular WAN. You may confirm this at Status > Real-time > Check the usage for 3 WANs. Please do the steps below if my assumption is correct.

  1. Please ensure you configure accurate upload and download bandwidth for each WAN interface. For example if you subsribe 150M/30M (down/up) from WAN1 ISP, please configure this value into WAN1.
  2. Please change Outbound Policy algorithm for related rules from Lowest Latency to Overflow.

Hope this help.