I’ve tried 3 different SIM cards and still can't connect to the internet with the Max BR1 mini

From the UK. Need help connecting to internet/inputting right APN settings. Continually says connecting but never finds a connection, occasionally says finding IP address.

3 sim cards from different carriers & plans? Or all from the same…?

Usually a data-only sim card will also work in an iPhone or Android device (without voice). You could try popping these sim cards into a cell phone to validate whether or not the sim cards are actually working. This would rule out the sim cards being the issue.

Yes three different carriers, all with different plans and all tried in phones to ensure they were working properly, so couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t work in the Pepwave.

I had a similar issue. I had to allow roaming. By default it is unchecked. You do need the correct APN settings and that varies by carrier.

I would suggest verifying with the carrier the compatibility between SIM card and the BR1. You should just need the ICCID of the SIM card and the IMEI of the BR1.

Here in the states I tried to put a Sprint SIM in a BR1 Mini once, and got a similar failure to connect. Turned out the BR1 Mini had an LTE modem and I needed an LTE-A. I’ve also run into issues with different SIM card types – not all types can be activated in the routers. And lastly, some carriers (like Verizon) will start working immediately when the SIM is popped into a modem, and some (like Sprint) require a manual activation on the carrier end.

I know it’s annoying to get someone knowledgeable on the phone, but I would start on the carrier side first, if you haven’t already.

I have a similar issue, here at Brazil.
SIM CARD from VIVO Mobile operator work with iPhone, Android devices and Teltonika RUT devices, BUT STOP working with BR1 (hw1 / hw3). Opened a case about this, but my case have more than a month age.
I have more than twenty-two TST-DUO (hw2), many BR1 (hw1/hw3), HD2-mini (hw1), bpl-3105G and BR2-pro. SIM CARDs from TIM and CLARO, still working very well. I sugest to support team to call a developer engineer to debug, why the SAME SIM CARDs, work with any other devices, but stop working with PEPLINK.

@MarceloBarros . Hi. You picked up a thread almost two years old. My respectful recommendations: (1) ensure the “problem” SIM is intended for routers, not phones, tablets or other devices. (2) If the answer to the previous questions is “yes,” submit a ticket for assistance to Peplink with all the details. If the ticket already submitted pertains to this exact issue then I’d contact your VAR and post an update to that ticket to renew attention to it. (Also make certain the ticket is set to “ring.”)