I Need Data Bonding Device

Dear Peplink,

   I am planning to purchase your device Peplink as I have had  requirement for my organization setup. I have 2g & 3g CDMA data  cards along with 3g GSM data cards and I am planning to aggregate all  the bandwidth of my links like as I have 2 data cards along with 7.2  kbps after aggregate the bandwidth that would be about 14.4    (7.2+7.2)  Mbps so please let me know do you have such device which can full fill  my requirement as peplink have the same features ?     

Urgently, I need this device

***Regards **
Abhishek Kumar

Technical Trainer (IT)


You could use the following devices depending on your requirements:

MAX-700 - Offers 4x USB ports to connect your modems.
MAX-HD2 - Offers 2 integrated modems and 1x USB port for externel modem.

A feature comparison between models is available here:


With a single unit you can do load balancing which will spreadout network traffic on a per connectionb basis over all available connections.

With multiple Peplink devices such as a Max700 and Peplink Balance and a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel between them you can acheive bonding on a per packet basis over all available connections.

The following link gives an overview of SpeedFusion bonding: http://www.peplink.com/technology/speedfusion-bonding-technology/