I have VoIP problems on Balance One with 6.1.2 1598

Have no audio problem which is pretty much something wrong with firewall and RTP traffic ports 10000-20000

rolled back to 6.1.1 works fine same config nothing changed.

Would be happy to investigate.

[Ticket #743603] Peplink balance one routing issue

Routing issue seams to be resolved in 6.1.2 1598

But since it breaks VoIP it’s becomes unusable.

Hi Andrey,

As mentioned in the RT, can I suggest to roll back to 6.1.2 then proceed the steps below?

  1. Allow all inbound traffics during the testing.
  2. Start Network Capture. Please go http://<BalanceOne IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi -> Network Capture -> Start. You may use Wireshark if your traffic volume is high (In the case of Network Capture only captures traffics for few seconds).
  3. Make a Voip call.
  4. Stop Network Capture until the session is complete.

Please let us know what is the source and destination IP during capturing if possible.