I have lost my password, but I have a backup configuration file. What should I do?


You might come across this hard situation where you have forgotten the password to log into your Peplink router. It is not an option to factory reset the router to its default state, because you do not want to lose the current configuration, but you have a recently made backup configuration file.

Follow these stpes to reset the password and save the current settings using the backup configuration file:

  • Perform a factory reset of the Peplink router

  • Log into the Peplink router using the default username and password

  • Navigate to System > Configuration

  • You should see ‘Upload Configurations’

  • Choose the backup configuration file and press on ‘Upload’

  • This action will upload the backup configuration file to the Peplink router

  • Do note that at this point, the router will not apply the configurations from the backup configuration file yet because you still haven’t applied the changes (DO NOT PRESS ON APPLY CHANGES YET)

  • Navigate to ‘System’ > ‘Admin Security’ and change the admin password, then press on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page

  • For the last step, press on ‘Apply Changes’ to save the configuration file into the Peplink router

By doing this, you are able to retain the working configurations and reset the admin password.