I don't think you understand the meaning of the word


I have a network ‘Enforced’ to a WAN, yet I continue to see traffic on a different WAN.

Yet there is traffic on not the ‘Enforced’ WAN!!

Just what does Enforced mean?


If it wasn’t specifically IPSEC traffic I would say that it was likely the session traffic existed before rule was applied - in which case you need to break the sessions somehow so that when they are recreated the outbound policy kicks in.

As its IPSEC its much more likely that you hve IPSEC NAT-T enabled in Network > Misc Settings Service Passthrough. Go there and put a check in the Route IPsec Site to site VPN box and pick the WAN you want the NAT-T to be applied to.


good old UDP port 4500. It has something to do with SIP. Peplink puts that on whatever is on WAN1. Here is a thread that discusses it and how to move it to the other WAN


Try the passthrough setting as Martin suggested it may well cure the problem.

Recently I had a similar issue even with the default policy rule to send all traffic down the PEPVPN, I was still seeing traffic breaking out locally on cellular connections.

That was until I created a custom rule to catch ESP protocol traffic and force that down the tunnel, it then resolved the issue I had but I would try what Martin has suggested first.