I don't see a WAN connection on my dashboard

Does anyone know why I don’t see a WAN connection on my Dashboard in pepwave admin?

I’ve watched a few videos and I see other people that do have.

I’m trying to connect a wired connection to my pepwave max transit duo so I can use it along with my cell connections as well but I can’t see the WAN connection in order to configure it to make sure it’s working.

I’ve done a factory reset and I see the WAN connection now on my dashboard. I’d like to restore my old settings though. Is there some way to make my WAN connection visible on my dashboard again? I’m not sure how I hide it in the first place.

How weird that the WAN connection disappeared.
I would just try restoring your old config and see if it works as a config shouldn’t hide your WAN connection…

Do you have your wan port configured as a lan port?
That would make it disappear.

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Oh I think I might have done that, but I’m not sure why I would have. Do you know how I can reconfigure that back to a WAN?

Go to Network > LAN | Port Settings