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I would like to know if Peplink solution can send internet trafic (request) to Wan1 (GPRS connection) and receive the answer (dowload trafic) from Wan 2 (satellite connection).

This is a very good question, and also mine.
waiting Peplink reply.:confused:

Technically, this is possible, if you are the VSAT ISP and have control over the traffic at your NOC.

If you are just a customer of the VSAT service, then this is not possible due to how IP routing works.


Thank you Tim for your quick reply.
I’am the Satellite operator, the download internet trafic will be provide from my NOC.
What should be the minimum configuration to support this configuration ? Peplink 20 at remote side and Peplink 200 on the Hub side is sufficient? Or I need to have on remote side the inbound load balancing setting?

I will need you to open a support ticket by filling the contact us form http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/. We will need a detailed network diagram with IP address scheme.