Huge slow down inside speedfusion download even though the WAN is running at full speed

I have a start topology setup with a Peplink balance 580 located at a datacenter and about 7 remote sites using peplink blance 310 all connecting back to the datacenter.

two of the sites (uses a single ISP WAN connection on separate static IP) link back to the datacenter with separate speed fusion setup. They have been working for about 6 month without any issue.

this past few days I get complains of massive slowdown over the speed fusion VPN. so I logged ahead and tested the speed fusion vpn on the two brance devices.

I’m getting PepVPN test speed of about 10mbps up and 1 mbps down and the WAN link is a 90mbps download/20 mpbps up.

The strange thing is I have a computer connected to the LAN side over there and going through I am getting the full 90/20 speed properly.

The slow down seems be limited to inside the speedfusion VPN on the download side. I watched all three sites during the test and there is nothing that is maxing the fusion link on the datacenter or branches.

Anyone ever seen this issue?

  1. The slowness constantly happened on these 2 remote sites?

  2. These 2 remote sites are using same ISP? How about the ISP for the rest of remote sites?

  3. May I know what is SpeedFusion throughput (Status > SpeedFusion > Look for the SpeedFusion profile > Icon of Bar Chart) on the problem sites and HQ when the slowness happened? If you can provide the screenshot will be great.

1- Yes, constantly happens it’s about 5 days now.

2- The two remote sites have the same ISP. (out of same circuit with one static IP assigned to each sites Peplink). The rest of the branch sites have their own ISP. The datacenter have a single ISP that all the branch speedfusion back to.

3 - fusion stats

Thanks for the info.

Look like the problem is related to packet loss on HQ side. Since you have opened ticket on this, let follow up from there. I have requested Remote Assistance for these 3 units. Please help to turn on Remote Assistance for further checking.