Hub and Spoke Pepwave License

In order to create more than two IPSEC VPN links from one device (PepWave Max700), eg. hub and three spoke, we require additional licensing to permit this.

What’s the best way to go about obtaining the license for each device (or at least one)?

Can you share how many IPSec VPN licenses was needed? Any reason not using SpeedFusion VPN?

From what the customer is stating, they need a IPsec license for each node to create a true hub and spoke topology. From what I gather, they would like to run a DMVPN scenario with Cisco routers behind the Pepwaves. Here’s additional info my customer has stated:

“We have found that through daisy chaining them we can make it work however it looks as though this ads around 100ms latency as the unit has to process the second link paths data resulting in around 200ms to with each additional node added. Hopefully with a licence we can create the proper hub and spoke design with will address this.”

Here’s additional info from the customer:

I will have to confirm exactly what we are using, however, I know that we are using the peplink proprietary VPN in Layer two mode and that this VPN has AES 256 encryption. We found that in trying to connect more than two links we were presented with text stating that more VPN links can only occur with the correct licensing. Subsequently i searched the forums and couldn’t find anything on this.

Look like additional PepVPN license is needed. You may purchase the license from Peplink Partner or Peplink Store.