Hub and Spoke environment with high availability


  • A company based in the Middle East.
  • Provides contact management and business support services worldwide.
  • Currently running two separate ISP connections in 3 branch offices.


  • A secure infrastructure providing VPN connectivity.
  • High Availability setup to keep VoIP and network traffic running at all times.
  • Upgrade devices which can utilize the two ISP connections simultaneously and not only as a failover solution.

Recommended Solution

  • We would suggest a Balance 580 to be deployed at each of the three sites.
  • This powerful branch router can combine the two ISP connections providing beneficial SpeedFusion routing technology such as WAN Smoothing for their VoIP needs.
  • Adding an additional Balance 580 in standby mode to create a High Availability architecture within each site. This ensures optimal operational performance, even at times of high loads.
  • The branches will accommodate a hub-and-spoke setup, to minimize connection failures, dead zones and to provide better coverage.
  • With the use of a Balance 580 at each site, a SpeedFusion tunnel can be created for PepVPN as well as other functional SpeedFusion technologies such as Bandwidth Bonding for heavy bandwidth usage.
  • By purchasing EssentialCare, the organization can utilize InControl 2 to remotely manage their Peplink infrastructure, giving flexibility where needed to optimize the flow.

Devices Deployed

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