HUAWEI E3131 with Balnce 20 connecction issue


The 3G HUAWEI E3131 is working fine with Blance 310 and on my PC so no connection problems, but on my Balance 20 on the dashboard Status: connecting and does not go further. Please advise.

Best regards.


I would open a support ticket with the technical team. Otherwise if the device is in warranty I would recommend upgrading to 6.1 firmware as this should fix the issue. If not open a support ticket here and a member of the team will take care of you.

Balance 20 has 6.1 firmware ?


It is the most recent firmware. Here is the upgrade guide to get to 6.1.

So am running 5.x and still under warranty is it free of charge for me ?

Thanks it solved my problem :slight_smile: