HTTP Traffic not returned for specific network


I’ve been using our peplink for just about a month and a half and really like it, except we’re having one oddly specific issue. Trying to view a specific set on web pages on the same network (the local school division) never returns an HTTP 200. Instead, the browser or utility sits and waits. Bypassing the Peplink Balance 580 eliminates the issue entirely. We are the only network affected by the issue (as reported by their technical team that I have worked extensively with) and their’s is the only network we’ve experienced this problem with.

SMTP and ICMP ECHO both work, but the network does not have an HTTPS server to test against. We have confirmed the other network’s firewall is not blocking access to our organization (ICMP is typically blocked by their firewall, however they have made specific exceptions applying to us for troubleshooting).

It appears other HTTP codes return fine, including 301 (performing a PUT to their main page), 404 (GET on a non-existent path), and 403 (folder with no index).

Does anyone have any suggestions for additional troubleshooting steps?

This could be a WAN MTU issue (try a smaller MTU size, such as 1440 or 1400), DNS, or possibly just an outbound policy rule is needed. If there is still a problem, please open up a support ticket with us here and we will investigate this.