HTTP health check examples

Hi, can anyone share best working HTTP health check examples with match string set?

We running into multiple outages caused by ATT U-verse/DSL WAN links as a secondary WAN or ISP.
In the event, if service is down for whatever reasons (non-pay, signal lost or others)
Majority of ATT modems wallgarden your connection and lend you to the page to resolve signal lost or make a payment. While this is highjack DNS and DNS health check shows that link as healthy and leave it on.
And depending on the WAN use scenario users ether complain that the Internet is slow, some site not connecting
all the way up to connectivity loss if Primary ISP has an outage while we didn’t realize that out ATT WAN link was down as well.

I’ve tried a few different settings and sites but my experience is very contradicting.

Does anyone have this setup?

Do you think you can own a web server and use the web server as the health check target? If so, the matching string will be one of the static key word from the web page.

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hoped to have something solid like

or similar so its doesn’t depend on my own server.

You can use something like Google, Amazon, or eBay as well. You’ll just want to make sure if you use the Match String option that the page you’re using has that matching text. Pages like have the “Sign In” text at the top of the page, I believe this has been on the page since Google introduced Gmail as a service.

If you have a server setup you can know for sure that the Matching String text will always be present as long as you have the server up and running.

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I wish someone can share best worked settings in USA

Looking into this because of ATT stability issues. The two suggestions I found that work for me are:
Matching String: Success

Matching String: NeverSSL

Hope this helps someone. Most websites use HTTPS and that won’t work for HTTP health check. These sites seem like they will be reliable and stable as they are designed specifically to provide an HTTP connection.

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I had submitted a feature request for Peplink a while ago to also enable HTTPS health checks (since most websites are HTTPS no longer HTTP). For HTTP I use and

Would it be possible for Peplink to create a page in InControl or SpeedFusion Cloud that users could leverage as an HTTP health check? Maybe the health check in the router could pass the “search string” as a query string parameter and as long as the web server returned that string back in the body – it would be a success. If the search string isn’t found in the response – you can assume that you have been walled by the ISP.

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Will Peplink ever be adding HTTPS health check?

We run our own from different datacenters.

It is not crazy difficult to do but if you want to use someone else website, I’d advise to find some very old websites that didnt change since the early 2000’s, very low risk it’ll start changing now and it is probably very light to load.