Http downloads disconnects

I wonder if anybody has the same problem as mine.
All http/https downloads disconnects after about 5-10 minutes. Without peplink everything is ok.
Our users complain that they also have this problem with remote desktop sessions.They disconnect after about 10 minutes.

I don’t see any configuration that may cause this kinf of problem. Our last outbound policy is “Default Persistence(Auto)”.
The problem happens even if we forward the request to a forced wan link.

Any help would be very appriciated.

Regards, Suat.

Hi Suat,

Thank you for your inquiry. That is an odd circumstance indeed. Just to cover some of the basics, please confirm/update the firmware on the Balance to the latest release (5.3.12) and test again. You can get 5.3.12 online at after registering the Balance.

If there are still issues after confirming/updating firmware, go ahead and open a support ticket at the following link-

In addition, please capture a diagnostic report from the Balance while this is going on but before rebooting to save the Event Logs for review. This will also get us a copy of your configuration file for the team to review and see what, if any, changes are needed.

Instructions on capturing the report of course can be found at the following link:

Keep us posted Suat and we can go from there sir.