How well does Satellite + DSL WAN links work over VPN (speed fusion)

I’m reading on the HughesNet website, and I see caution to running VPN over Hughesnet.

Are there any success stories of using a Peplink with satellite and dsl?

I have a very remote field office with satellite currently. I want to add DSL and utilize a peplink for better bandwidth.

We have a corporate office with a peplink 380 that I’d like to create a VPN ( SpeedFusion ) bond back to. Assuming a Peplink 310 will do all I need to get this done.

Are there any particular design considerations that I need to adhere to? Is the caution of Hughesnet something to deter me from doing this?


Bonding VSAT with DSL is not a recommended practice, this is due to the large variance in latency.

You can definitely still create a SpeedFusion tunnel using both of these connection, it’s just that you would want to put the DSL as priority 1 and the VSAT as priority 2. This does not bond the two connections, but all VPN data would go across the DSL connection unless it fails, then it would go over the VSAT connection without interruption.

This is ideal when you want to create a session persistent “Unbreakable” VPN connection.

Sure - makes sense, thank you.

Ok, now for my next question. At my remote field office, I want to have 2 wifi networks, one for guest access (internet only) and the other for employee corporate access (internal LAN and internet). How would I go about doing this?

Below is my concept and schematic illustration.

Instead of the Surf you can just use an AP One access point to create the two Wi-Fi networks, configuring the Guest network to only have access to the internet and not the Corp LAN.